Two Who aka Demir & Seymen's biography picture

Between art and entertainment, craft and emotion, Two Who aka Demir & Seymen bring to the electronic music scene an energy all their own. As DJ and producer duo they achieve in their work an extraordinary balancing act: deepness with a twist, an unmistakable signature sound which is flexible nonetheless.

Two Who met in 2006 at the old Berlin Tresor. Through many long nights partying together in the capital city, they soon discovered that they were the perfect musical complement to one another. Demir had years of experience as a producer. As a teenager he absorbed everything related to electronic music. Seymen's roots stem from the other end of the musical spectrum. During his childhood, his heart belonged to black metal, as did his voice: He was screaming his heart out in a band. It was in Berlin where Seymen first discovered the electronic music scene. The impression was a strong one: While observing how Djs were able to bring together the perfect mood and atmosphere on the dancefloor, he was sure that he himself belonged behind the turntables.

The combination of these two worlds of experience is the strength of Two Who; it is what draws attention to their DJ sets and to their production. This is a duo where similar and opposing elements mix perfectly together. The outcome is music that flows between deep house, new disco, tech house and techno.

In one thing they are the same - the result of their production must move them, either through a rhythm that gets them rocking or a goosebump-invoking melody. Their love of music comes before fame and money, and you can hear it in their sound. It's no wonder that the two have successfully released on the Berlin Label Highgrade, Plastic City and MBF, and that their tracks are supported by the likes of Format B., Steve Lawler and Dubfire.

In the studio Two Who are true artists, following their own vision of style, while behind the decks their ability to capture the vibe of the party comes to the forefront. As Djs they

cannot be pigeonholed; in an instant they've grabbed the crowd and set the tone for the night, assuring that everyone has a good time. That they are flexible speaks for the fact that Demir & Seymen fit as well as a warm-up act as they do in a prime time slot or at the after-hour. It's no wonder that they have been booked not only in the Berlin hotspots such as Panorama Bar, Watergate and Kater Holzig, but also in Clubs and Festivals throughout Germany and abroad.