Monday, 18. Mar 2013

Demir's Stefano Amalfi Remix Out Now

Long time ago after the lucky Tonk EP, Stefano Amalfi selected Italo to be properly released with a new remix delivered done by Demir from Demir & Seymen team. The result is a vibrating house funk tune with hypnotic vocals from Demir himself. The club remix is an amazing deep tune reconstructed on a heavy bassline by an inspired Stefano S.A. Amalfi.

Monday, 17. Dec 2012

Teeter Totter EP Out Now!

We're so proud to announce our second release on MBF Records. This time the EP includes remixes by Lorraine and Ordinary Subject and is supported by such big names as:

  • Steve Lawler
  • John Digweed
  • Monika Kruse
  • Dubfire

and many more. Click here to listen to the EP. And check out the official video clip

Monday, 17. Sep 2012

Be Elastic EP On MBF

Check our our latest release on MBF Records (Be Elastic EP). And don't forget to watch the official video...And allways remember: BE ELASTIC!!!!

Tuesday, 4. Sep 2012

SIN [V/A] Release

We're proud to be on the latest SIN compilation together with other names such as Yapacc, Someone Else, Franco Bianco, David Keno. Have a listen here...

Tuesday, 7. Aug 2012

Our Chapkin ep is coming soon!

Our chapkin ep is coming soon! includes remixes fromTODD BODINE,DAVID KENO,LUCA DOOBIE. Have a preview here...

Friday, 6. Apr 2012


We're so proud to be on AKA AKA's latest remix album along with other big names such as Marek Hemmann, Moonbootica and Turntablerocker. Check out our remix here.