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Born in Leeds (UK), LOUIS McGUIRE's musical journey is like a rich and eclectic tapestry that slowly shaped to reveal his current sound. Hailing from a musical background heavily influenced by the 80s rock sound favoured by his father Adam Pearson of The Sisters of Mercy fame, Louis' taste slanted towards the underground punk scene with bands such as Killing Joke and Johnny Thunders occupying his stereo during much of his early youth. Meanwhile, meeting musicians was a frequent occurrence due to his father's home recording studio. It was Rob Howes, 'The Overseer', who introduced Louis to a new world of big-beat and break-beat music – and so began his love affair with loop/sample based music. Playing drums, bass and guitar from age 9, Louis made his first dance track shortly thereafter on the studio's Logic rig.

Making the move to Berlin in 2002 together with his father, Louis had the opportunity to meet a rich variety of artists and creative types that inspired him to further his drum skills in every spare second. Then, after two years of intense musical study, LOUIS McGUIRE had his first proper taste of live electronic music – but not as part of the audience: Louis played electronic drums at the legendary Deep Club together with BPitch Control's mainstay Kiki. Spurred on by this revelatory moment, Louis decided to move to London at the tender age of 17 to study percussion. On his return to Germany, the drummer put his experience to practice and thus began circulating amongst countless bands of Berlin's dark underground scene. Whether it was dub, metal, soul or pop, his various projects took him on a Europe-wide journey of gigging.

During the summer of 2010 one particular project took Louis to Sicily where he was to co-write for an electro soul artist. With minimal rehearsal time and a month to burn on the island, he was inspired to explore the world of solo production. Within weeks, his musical background enabled him to create mature tracks that explored his infatuation with dub, techno and house.

Now, two years later, Louis' tireless work ethic and intense passion has fully paid off: aside from his flourishing band project Ornis, the experienced newcomer recently released his debut EP on Stil vor Talent Digital. Essence & Detail is a beautiful manifestation of Louis' advanced understanding of rhythm and groove, but also a cunning exploration of the human voice, whether it is his own or that of singer Aude. While dazzling feedback by a diverse range of heavyweights such as Laurent Garnier, DJ Sneak, Troy Pierce, Joris Voorn, Adam Shelton, Martin Eyerer, Acid Pauli or Joel Mull is testament to quality, Louis recently proved that his ability behind the decks is equally impressive during a closing-set at Berlin institution Kater Holzig.

With so much style and even more talent, we are happy to welcome LOUIS McGUIRE to the Stil vor Talent family.