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Promoter & DJ/Producer

Salvo Salafia a.k.a. Skynet from Ragusa, before a DJ defines himself a lover and pioneer of contemporary music. Collect vinyls from 1997, a period that coincides with a passion for "DJing" and the purchase of the first turntables and mixer. Initially his musical preferences shifted to the styles and sounds of tech-house, minimal techno and electro. But it so happened, that since the early university years he spent in Rome from 1999 in then, had the opportunity to participate in events with friends in clubs typically jungle/drum'n'bass (C.s. Brancaleone, Bluecheese, Vecchio Mattatoio, Linux Club, etc.). The impact with the basslines, broken rhythms and references to jamaican music to 170 bpm, enacted a new and unforgettable sound experience. Shortly after, he began to purchase the first records around Rome and then in the shops of Soho and Camden Town during some periods of holiday spent in London. So drum'n'bass, sound originating from the UK, was proposed by him and also played in clubs and parties attended between Sicily and Rome.
This passion, after the 90s, urged him to improve the techniques of mixing and to deepen knowledge related to the music scene today, especially around the story of the jungle and more experimental electronica: Roni Size, Adam F, Photek, Goldie, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Boards Of Canada, Amon Tobin, but also the dub, trip-hop and downtempo by King Tubby, Dub Syndicate, Stereotyp, Kruder & Dorfmaister, Massive Attack, DJ Shadow, DJ Food, etc., to finally arrive to the sounds of dubstep originating from Croydon, thereafter represented the cornerstone of his education/musical culture. At the age of about 21 years he was one of the first DJs along with a few others to propose these sounds in the small province of Ragusa after the 90s, social reality of the deep south, wherein until then the kinds of "music subcultures" followed by the boys did not go beyond the hip-hop, reggae, house and techno.
Realizes his DJ-sets by a sequence of tracks that lead to compelling the listener on a journey through urban beats (abstract hip-hop, trip-hop, downtempo, ecc.), dubstep and drum'n'bass; genres in which it is marked (especially with the drum'n' bass) for a liquid-deep style that it often includes jazz-funk and soulful sonority.
He has performed in festival such as Sicily Music Village and Camp Art with DJs in the line up the likes of Stonic, Dabs, Andypop, Dillinja, Pisk & Moe and many more.

Preference techniques and tools:

2 turntables: Technics 1200 MK2 | 1210 MK2

2 cdj: Pioneer series 

1 mixer: Pioneer DJM 800 | Pioneer DJM 850 | Ecler series | Allen & Heath Xone series | Vestax PMC 05 Pro IV | Vestax PMC 280

2 speakers monitor: Energy 8 Ep 200 Pwd | Atomic 4DJ Joy12A | IMG Stage Line series | Etc.