Rene Onze 's biography picture

Areal ( KOMPAKT ) , Circle Music, Moensterbox, DE - Berlin

Born in 1977 in Berlin, René Onze was strongly influenced by the music of the 80s and 90s. This influence can be heard again and again in his live sessions and music productions.

While Onze's sound can be described as deep and dirty, it is framed with gentle and unobtrusive melodies which may sometimes leave you with a hint of melancholy! His release on the Cologne label AREAL, "Goodby Lino" is a perfect example of this.

Onze was also strongly influenced by the developing club culture of 80's and 90's Berlin. True temples of electronic music such as E-Werk, Tresor and the former Suicide Club, left no one untouched or unaffected. It soon became clear that this sound and energy would develop into a specific lifestyle. Once permeated by this sound it was inconceivable to live without it. It is his true devotion to a music culture that make Onze's music and sound unique and powerful.

Onze's releases for Fall 2011 on Alex Flatner's CIRCLE MUSIC and Lexy and Gunja's MOENSTER stay true to his sound. Played in his warmup sets on several dates from the Paul Kalkbrenner Tour 2011 and 2013 Onze will be truly heating up the dance floors.

Let the music play!