Red Robin's biography picture

Robin has had a long journey through various types of music; including 15 years of classical piano, 14 years of drums, African and Brazilian percussion, which prepared him for a fast integration into the Berlin-based electronic music scene.

Robin has been the resident dj at Berlin’s number one afterhour-location Bar 25, since 2005. He also released his first record on cologne-based label Platzhirsch Schallplatten together with his buddy, Philipp Groth, under the name of “Pachulke & Sohn.”

After this release, word spread quickly about his demanding dj-sets combining both his very own style of swing and dark deep sounds. Defining his style mostly through his unique mixing-technique, has allowed various types of electronic dance-music find their way into Red Robins dj-bag including minimal, straight techno, breaks and tomorrows sound today.

He just got signed on Trapez ltd. together with his good friend Jakob Hilden. The “Metro Gold EP” was released in September 2007.