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EmClap.com - Features


Create your own page

Easily create your page using predefined modules.

No Coding

No need to write any code.

Drag and Drop

Just drag and drop the predefined modules to arrange your site.


Rearrange your site at any point.

Predefined forms

Every module comes with predefined forms.

No coding needed

Just fill in the data and everything will be styled automatically.

Various Modules

News, Biography, Releases, Gigs, Videos....

Social networking sites

Connect to various social networking sites to update your site automatically.

Style your site

Style your site using color and font type selectors.

Add Pictures

Add your logo and background images.

NO CSS needed

Don't need to write CSS code and worry if its displayed in all browsers.

Add Releases and Mixsets

Add as many as you want.

Unlimited Download

Select if tracks are downloadable publicly, with a secret code or if users have to leave a comment in order to download.

Connect to Soundcloud

Connect your release to your soundcloud files.

Promo Pages

Professional looking promo pages with secret link

Facebook App

Simple emclap tab on facebook

No Need to sync

All infos on emclap automatically shown on facebook, too


Emclap gets no information about your facebook account

More to come

Flash and mobile apps in work...