GPR's biography picture

Gianpiero Bertolotti aka GPR was born in Ragusa (Italy) in 1976. He began the "art of djing" in his hometown at the age of 12 with the pseudonym "Gianpier". In 1998 he approached into the scenary of "Club Culture" and starts to play in the most popular "house clubs" of Malta and Sicily where he knows many national and international celebrities. In 2007 debut with his first EP: "Ware" in the "Doppelte Hand" project (aka Gianpier & Jitzu) on SUNPLAY Rec. and after he worked on several projects with his friend and producer Sam Perez. In 2011 has released the first ep on ENGRAVE REC. "In My Soul" that include the Sicania Soul Remix.
He loves the deep sonority and his style can't be classified in a single genre (nu disco, house, deep house, techno, etc.), but the important thing for him is to play with the soul, any genre it is!