Federico Molinari's biography picture

Federico Molinari from Buenos Aires, Argentina is an exponent of fine and qualitative house music in all their imaginable facets.

Living in Frankfurt in the meantime, he is located at the spot of origin for good sounds close to stores like Freebase Record, which is one of the most popular record shops in Germany.

By Federico‘s keen sense of good sounds it is therefore as sure as fate that one night with Federico Molinari means a good flow with fine records. Thus he became resident at Time Warp, one of Europe‘s biggest indoor raves. Federico Molinari plays with the big ones of the scene like Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Steve Bug, etc. He runs his own label Oslo Records with excellent sound material of himself and other talented artists.

In the near future you can expect some well-known acts since Federico is a rare type that comes from the circle of some fine and famous exponents of electronic music.