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Dirty Room LIVE ACT with Electric Guitar

“Dirty Room was born when the Dirty Sox and the Dirty Pants experiment reached a degree of saturation” jokes Roman Fleischer, who subsequently moved on to bigger things (and still keeps quiet about the origin of the name of his project name). Starting off as an experimental electronic music producer in 1999 meant that the Argentine-German producer had no problems at all to fuse guitar riffs and psychedelic sounds with old school software techniques. Nevertheless, his studies of sound engineering and music production led to full-time devotion to new sounds and structures which resulted in amazing minimalistic spectral sound structures aimed on the floor.

His first ever record “To The Bright Side Of The Soul”, released on Solimano’s and Guti’s Argentina-based label Unlock Recordings, an amazing profound future funk workout, would set the pace for what was to come. After being involved in several band projects, amongst them the successful outfit Mash, it seemed like a revelation to Roman to produce an all electronic live act. Being reincarnated as Dirty Room, Roman could unleash fervent beats and evil frequencies dreamed up since his first infection with electronic dance music in 2003 onto the unsuspecting crowds in Buenos Aires-based clubs like Levitar and Bahrein.

This was just the beginning. In May 2008, Roman took off to Europe to morph into a live techno duo called Morikkis which he called into existence with Tacito, a fellow musician. Whilst Barcelona’s revelers attending clubs like Cityhall and 242 Afterclub were not quite sure how to handle their modulations, Roman already mutated into the next thing: after playing Bar 25 in Berlin and Public Life in London, he settled in Berlin, the new epicenter of electronic club music culture, and started to produce the most powerful concoctions of electronic sounds people have come across in recent times. Not being scared of crossing boundaries, Roman does not limit himself to one style or direction, and speaks a vivid musical language. For Dirty Room, it’s all the same as long as he can make more music.

Zapping back and forth through the musical galaxy that makes up his universe of sounds, Dirty Room is always surprising with one or two additional new gimmicks which makes checking out his new releases so worthwhile. Looks like he’s heading towards the stars. In his Dirty Room.