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Teeter Totter EP

Name Teeter Totter EP
Artists Demir & Seymen
Label MBF
Release Date 17.12.2012
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After their phenomenal debut "Be Elastic" on label MBF we asked Demir and Seyman to do a follow up and they did not let us wait and wrote three strong "tracksters" we associate strongly with mind warped music from Berlin.

Demir and Seyman, the Berlin approved duo rocking "KaterHolzig" and virtually every club in town have written with "Teeter Totter" another grand tune for MBF!

Track List

  1. Demir & Seymen - Teeter Totter (download)
  2. Demir & Seymen - Mental Acid (download)
  3. Demir & Seymen - Accessory (download)
  4. Demir & Seymen - Mental Acid (Ordinary Subject Remix) (download)
  5. Demir & Seymen - Mental Acid (Lorraine Remix) (download)
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Tuesday, 16. Apr 2013

Thanks for your music! Just love it!


Thursday, 11. Apr 2013

voller begeisterung – liebste grüsse aus zürich


Saturday, 5. Jan 2013

ordinary subject rmx for me


Thursday, 20. Dec 2012

Great stuff

Dj Vedas

Wednesday, 19. Dec 2012

Awesome....this for new year!!

Carlos Alfonsin

Tuesday, 18. Dec 2012

so good Ep congratulations thanks

Hanne & Lore

Tuesday, 18. Dec 2012

full support for demir & seymen, again! teeter totter and accessory for us.


Tuesday, 18. Dec 2012

Mental Acid is sick!


Monday, 17. Dec 2012

teeter totter!

Iain Taylor

Monday, 17. Dec 2012

Accessory and Ordinary Subject are both great tracks. Play and support


Monday, 17. Dec 2012

I'll play. Accessory my fav ;) thx

Arjun Vagale

Monday, 17. Dec 2012

Mental Acid is awesome! in the bag for sure, the remixes are solid too


Monday, 17. Dec 2012

nice Ep – Thx

Moritz Ochsenbauer

Monday, 17. Dec 2012

Great Ep !!! Greets to Berlin from Cologne

Ronan Portela

Monday, 17. Dec 2012

nice mood ep! will test some for sure. thx!

Dave Seaman/ Steve Parry

Monday, 17. Dec 2012

liking mental acid and the ordinary subject remix


Monday, 17. Dec 2012

great tracks, will try yo play.. tnx !

Someone Else

Monday, 17. Dec 2012

Teeter Totter and Mental Acid for me

Marcus Sur

Monday, 17. Dec 2012

Massive Release from Demir & Seymen.

Ümit Han

Monday, 17. Dec 2012

Love this Electro-Swing style. Teeter Totter and Accessory are my favorites

John Digweed

Monday, 17. Dec 2012

good stuff

Monika Kruse

Monday, 17. Dec 2012

thank you, would like to try out.


Monday, 17. Dec 2012


Steve Lawler

Monday, 17. Dec 2012