Andre Crom's biography picture

Even if active as DJ and producer since a long time, in these days Andre Crom is known mostly as the man behind OFF Recordings.

Founded shortly after his move to Berlin in 2008, the label goes from strength to strength, and Crom's own releases are an integral part of it.

The OFF sound as well as Andre's own productions merge elements of all kinds of musical genres like disco, 80ies pop, jazz, funk, soul, blues, hiphop and techno with house in a cutting-edge production, raw and modern at the same time.

OFF's releases keep getting good feedbacks and plays from virtually any dj with a taste for good house music; the ranking on # 44 of Residen Advisor's most charted labels gives proof for this.

With releases lined up for april 2012 (OFF 30, „Andre Crom – Holdin' On EP“, may (OFF 32, „Andre Crom - Reality“) and june (Freerange „Andre Crom feat. Dennis Degenhardt – Tell Me with David August remix“), his release schedule looks more busy than ever.

However, Andre Crom's gigs – playing a mix of own productions, unreleased OFF signings and carefully selected new tracks, grooving behind the decks as much as the crowd on the floor – are the biggest proof for the fact: this guy just loves house music.